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Mute button with fade V2

A button that can mute/unmute a sound with fade in and fade out effect.
Sound is property of .

Note: when opening as swf file the fade will be faster, almost unnoticeable, but in html page flash performs a bit slower and fade will be longer.
To adjust fade length edit these lines:
setInterval(decrease_volume, 1);
setInterval(increase_volume, 1);
1 is fastest, decreasing volume...
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user ericherich02
ericherich02 9 years ago

I imported my mp3 and replaced the jermai mp3 but when I publish no sound comes out. Am I doing something wrong?

user puffylamb
puffylamb 1 decade ago

Nice, I need one of these!
Horrible music though lol.

user adrianTNT
the listing author adrianTNT (admin) 1 decade ago

LacosteMedia, sorry for the late reply, if you stil need to... replace:
That means starts playing from second 0 of the sound and repeat 999 times.

user LacosteMedia
LacosteMedia 1 decade ago

whats the line to making it loop?

user mustapha
mustapha 1 decade ago

wow i love it. Thanks...

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