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user dickfunk
dickfunk (2)

simple XML mp3 player

ZIP file This mp3 player uses XML to drive it's playlist. Designed to be as simple as possible, yet pleasing to the eye, the disc spins and stops when the music does the same. The XML is a small chunk of code:
<caption>Just Like You Imagined</caption>
<record>Nine Inch Nails</record>
You need to...
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user gentewiki
gentewiki 12 years ago


user bernardovaghi
bernardovaghi 13 years ago

Very good dude keep on!

ALEPREMIER 13 years ago

AS2 or AS3?

user gotDESIGN
gotDESIGN 13 years ago


user rayanthony
rayanthony 14 years ago

Banging mp3 player. Thank you.!!!

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