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user satishk
satishk (1)

time line control

This Player controls timeline, with slider,volume control, and play/pause, stop and mute buttons,
this player excellent for animators

939 downloads, 20482 views

time line control timeline swfplayer swf player play stop slide volume animation

Download (1.74 MB)


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user satishk
the listing author satishk 11 years ago

@crayones for flv player flash have comoponent...

user satishk
the listing author satishk 12 years ago

go to library and double click on myMovie

user Harmanjeet
Harmanjeet 12 years ago

hey how to change the flash file in it while embedding ,

user crayones
crayones 12 years ago

works with flv video?

user arunathakur
arunathakur 12 years ago

really very nice

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