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Web video template Media presentation

This web video template is a media gallery sample project for use with Adobe Flash Professional that you can populate and customize with your own theme, content, soundtrack, and graphics (see Figure 1). This article provides an overview of the template's features along with instructions for customizing the layout to suit your needs. Explore the media gallery above to see its features in... more >
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flash media gallery video player template presentation

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user Elliottswf12121
Elliottswf12121 7 years ago

hey guys you need to do a open file button
that Opens PNG GIF WAV MP3 MP4 files

user rjuri0103
rjuri0103 8 years ago

Thank you to all who make this apps for us to enjoy great work thanks

user jahral
jahral 9 years ago

Very Nice Job !

user abmed2
abmed2 11 years ago

Nice job, Thanks

user JRB
JRB 11 years ago

Great !

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