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XML MP3 Player

XML Flash MP3 Player with track picker drop-down menu.
And media control buttons like Play/Pause/Stop buttons.

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xml mp3 player drop down track pick

Download (7.56 MB)


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user celina_danielle
celina_danielle 1 decade ago

this one is great... i just can't figure out how to make the songs continue to play.. it stops after the 1st song. :(

user Masterflow
Masterflow 1 decade ago

the player is amazing. Where is the line of code that allows the music to continue to play track after track without stopping?

thanks again. How would you like credit?

user bgssilva
the listing author bgssilva 1 decade ago

aditya149... the name of the songs are on the list.

user aditya149
aditya149 1 decade ago

can u tel me d song name shere?

user domluan
domluan 1 decade ago

very well!!

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