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A Real Drop Down Menu(UPDATED)

Drop Down menu xml driven 3 levels.Every level has a movieClip in the library that can be edited. (caurina.transition.Tweener) is required.
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drop down menu vertical xml driven 3 level navigation

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user millemille07
millemille07 9 years ago

I made a three-level drop down and im having an issue with clearing the buffer once the last drop down button has been clicked on. I want the program to go back to Scene 1 but it doesnt do that. Can you help me?

user jcbratoz
jcbratoz 10 years ago

Its working fine. How can I do if a want a button to open a url?

user Pavalar
Pavalar 10 years ago

Very nice menu. However subSubmenu has no url linkage. Maybe you can help me.

user hansmagnus
hansmagnus 10 years ago

Thanks for your work!

Say I use class files instead (Menu and MenuButton). How would you define the mc.ind and mc.initY? Should these be vars (what kind?) in a MenuButton class, or defined as vars in the Menu?

user weedy
the listing author weedy 1 decade ago

weird kia . i dont have any ActionScript files imported or included except the caurina tweener which is bug free. maybe its the way ur using the source code. Sorry anyway but its working here.

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