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Aero sliding menu

There is a menu, with a cool aero-like design. with smooth movement and with bakground movement. I used the free TweenMax engine from GreenSock. Have fun using it, please rate and comment.

P.S. I uploaded two versions of it, one for CS5.5 and one for CS4.

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menu aero sliding

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user hector1439
hector1439 6 years ago

Good job

user robby94
the listing author robby94 9 years ago

Muhsinap, i made your small flash, contact me at and i will send it to you.

user robby94
the listing author robby94 9 years ago

well, it depends... do you load the images externally, or do you create them by sprites?

user muhsinap
muhsinap 9 years ago

Hello Robby,
I want to make a flash please help me for that. The flash is.. There is a image which is covered by twenty small images. If we click one of the small image, it should disappear and we can see the background image of that part.

I tried a lot, but I failed. Please help me..

I created the file by convert all the twenty small images to BUTTON and I tried some commands but I failed. Please give me a way to create this flash

user santhosh1687
santhosh1687 9 years ago


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