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user apocal6
apocal6 (2)

Animated menu with thumbnails

Its a display menu that load all dates of menu from xml file. All animation and pictures are manipulated with as2.
I hope you liked.

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user lorelarr
lorelarr 8 years ago

Hola el men est brbaro, el problema que tengo es que no encuentro la forma de editar el xml para efectuar el link a otras pginas, Gracias

user crisscesar
crisscesar 8 years ago


user hector1439
hector1439 1 decade ago

Very nice!

user spidxel
spidxel 1 decade ago

Si alguien sube el code para agregarle los links (el que figura da error) creo que este post queda 10 estrellas. Gracias
If someone posted the code to add the links (the figure gives error) I think this post is 10 stars. Thanks

user mornord
mornord 1 decade ago

thanks, wonderful menu! but as an associate of the links? can you help me? thanks

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