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AS3 XML Accordion

XML Accordion using AS3
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as3 xml flash accordion

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user biletji
biletji 9 years ago

thans for this menu. It's great!

user dams2007
dams2007 9 years ago

Very nice. That's very nice for people who want to add their own options

user wiyono
wiyono 9 years ago

Can i put bilder for contents?
Thank you.. that is great..

user alenloop
alenloop 9 years ago

Good job! I was checking your Flash file and everything its clear for me except last part. I dont understand why you need to do lots of different tweens in function itemClicked(). For example: I see no difference between "reArrange" and "reArrangeA". Can you explain this please? (Or maybe its to late...) Thanks

user biletji
biletji 10 years ago

for better look, another theme please!

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