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Basic Elastic Menu

Basic Elastic Menu
must download Movieclip tweening prototypes from Tween120.mxp

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user brettmcmaugh
brettmcmaugh 1 decade ago

//put this code on the first mc on the stage and create an empty 2nd key frame on the next frame of the main time line and ad stop(); to each frame and try it...//

onClipEvent (enterFrame){

user tonink28
tonink28 1 decade ago

Simplesmente cool.

user argadw
argadw 1 decade ago

hemmm...where is the link<?>

user jcdesigns
jcdesigns 1 decade ago

can someone email me an let me know how to turn these into working links,

user piekevanger
piekevanger 1 decade ago

Very nice menu! Where can i put a link to a button? And how can i add extra buttons to the menu. Thanx!

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