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Cross Line

a way to find the target
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cross line

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user aobgi
aobgi 1 decade ago

very goods

user Ryne
Ryne 1 decade ago

nice idea!

user tristan.paige
tristan.paige 1 decade ago

i'd like to recreate something like this completely in actionscript. it's a pretty good idea if it were a little clearer what it actually is and how it works. a technical site involving math or possibly drafting and carpentry would find it an interesting navigational menu or image gallery module. nice work.

user JiggyBeatz
JiggyBeatz 1 decade ago

Nice Idea!

user cipadh
the listing author cipadh 1 decade ago

I found this work interesting, I liked the function them lines that could be used as a menu with submenu differentiated. Debtor, I promise that I go to make other different ones of this.

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