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CSS Responsive Animated Accordion

CSS Responsive Animated Accordion created by Chris Wright
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css responsive animated accordion menu

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user pamoxi
pamoxi 3 years ago

en el archivo style.ccss debes cambiar en la clase .accordionItem y en @media:screen el valor de max-height (por ejemplo 150em).
Te recomiendo cambiar tambien el valor de transition de 0.5s a 1s.

DADOGPE 3 years ago

Como eu fao para aumentar a altura do campo onde vai o texto?

user paragrastogi
paragrastogi 3 years ago

Wow...looks awesome!

user pamoxi
pamoxi 3 years ago

in index.js add on the upper section, after "accordionToggles = d.querySelectorAll('.js-accordionTrigger ')," the next code:
accordionId = d.querySelectorAll('.accordionItem'),

Then add before "console.log("triggered");" in the "switchAccordion" function the next code:
for (var i=0,len=accordionId.length; i<len; i++) {
accordionId[i].classList.add("is-collap sed");

Is working.

user vvdesignes
vvdesignes 3 years ago

When i open one tab. Cant we close another tab ?

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