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Expandable menu bar2

This is basically the same menu bar with a few bug fixes; it also has an extra menu that follows your mouse whenever you haven't selected a category.

I'm not that great in actionscript so don't expect an xml type menu. Enjoy.

Ps. let me know if you have any suggestions.

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user FC_FC
FC_FC 1 decade ago

Good Work. Thanks!

user edlee.wwp
edlee.wwp 1 decade ago

Do you have the tween calss?

user episode
the listing author episode 1 decade ago

Further development on this menu is in progress so look out. Will see how my time is maybe even turn in to a full flash portfolio but will see.

user creativepatch
creativepatch 1 decade ago

its good yaaaaaar.... nice work

user falejamo
falejamo 1 decade ago

dude i like wat u did with he menu

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