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Green Drop Down Menu

Green Drop Down Menu is a simple and looking beautiful. Every button already linked with a website. All action script written in one frame at main time line. It is very easy to use because every function define in Action Script.
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green drop down menu linkable colorful source file flash as3 action script

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user cdbii
cdbii 8 years ago

nice job!!

user abdulrahim
the listing author abdulrahim 10 years ago

Dear Luquinhas1000, what you want to say I dont understand it. Please give me detail.

user Luquinhas1000
Luquinhas1000 10 years ago

COmo eu fa pra abrir esse menu no flash? qe verso usar?
Why i open this menu in the Flash? in the flash 8 or in the flash MX?

user Himanshu.chuphal
Himanshu.chuphal 1 decade ago

nice menus..!! gud wrk..

user e-stars
e-stars 1 decade ago

BUGado no primeiro sub-boto do item PRODUCTS (first btn)