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Multi Tab Drop Menu

This is an easy customizable Tab-Drop down Menu with simple but nice FX, description text and color change done in CS3 / Actionscript 3. Uses TweenLite library (included).
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user thillesq
thillesq 1 decade ago

Also having trouble getting the active tab to stay active on page load. Tried implementing the code on the 'simple vistas' menu with no luck! Anyone have the solution?

user acebunny
acebunny 1 decade ago

help. I tried for over an hour to get one of the buttons to open a url and it is not working. I deleted the 112 comment code. I tried adding http:// to the url and even www. Nothing is working help please. ASAP

user angeredil
angeredil 1 decade ago

Hi !

Thanks !

How to make a link which goes towards a stage?
Sometimes, I have url, sometimes scene!

Thank you forf your answer !

user zerozign
zerozign 1 decade ago

^^ thank

user smoothi
smoothi 1 decade ago

Hey man this menu is sooo pretty made!
But I have a question.
I want to make the buttons a little bit lower.
When I want to make the stage bigger the buttons are on the same place but i want to get them a little bit lower (to the south)

can you help me?

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