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scaling menus

I tried working on this menu bar which scales accordingly, this was a project for one of my clients sharing if this could help you out.

You just need to change the geturl or u have to add it to the other menus. its added only on "projects"

All the best and thanks in advance

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menu scale background color multitabs

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user nirav.lalan
nirav.lalan 6 years ago

i added this to my web page, but how can i link each of the menu to different url.

user cindy0104
cindy0104 9 years ago


user moosakhan
the listing author moosakhan 9 years ago

It was difficult to find out how the virus got on to my server. However, I have updated the html file now. Hope its safe to browse my site.

user jonslopes
jonslopes 10 years ago

Nice selection of colors...

user 14music
14music 10 years ago

Frigin' virus found at your website applet1.htm (Bloodhound.Exploit.292) Heuristic Virus

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