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Simple XML Drop Down menu

Here is Example of simple Drop Down Menu from xml
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user nite21
nite21 7 years ago

make it in as3

user deba1928
deba1928 8 years ago

can u help me to set hyper link for this menu

user tufidayi
tufidayi 1 decade ago

home page looks like this alone is not going well when I click on the link ... I would be glad if you can help ...

<menu label=">>home page" link=""/></menu>

<menu label=">>product" link=""/></menu>

user tufidayi
tufidayi 1 decade ago

Hi ...

I fixed the problem so thank you. will be a question ... xml file in <menu label="home page" link=""/> </ menu> When the problem comes in the form of writing as a home page but I want to make a single connection to the other sub-menus that open want not a single home page link!

user pradeepkorriya
the listing author pradeepkorriya 1 decade ago

hi 14music please check my another tutorial for that. l_drop_down_menu_v2_2412.html

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