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Tree Menu

An XML-driven tree menu. It can handle as many subcategories as you can possibly throw at it; and it is pretty customizable. By editing the tab template and doing a quick change to some of the settings in the XML file, you can change how the category tabs appear based on level.
It's a great display of the use of recursion.

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user amol
amol 9 years ago

THANKS!!! great work

user mayfun
mayfun 10 years ago

Can I have it in AS 3.0? Really appreciated that if you could notice me through email once it done. Thank you.

user rikkan
rikkan 10 years ago

How can i link or use a function with onpress event??

user Ntwobike
Ntwobike 10 years ago

can u post a simple code for how to do this in as3..?
i try to find everywhere but some component are there but its not free i fedup with finding AS3 dropdown menu or tree..?

user pedrohmc
pedrohmc 10 years ago

how do we add links to the buttons???

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