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XML Floating Icons V2.0

Here's an updated version of my previous XML Floating Icons menu. I have tried to fixed all the bugs :)
Features of V2.0
1. Add as many PNG icons as you wish with XML
2. You can use icons of any size 16, 24, 32, 64, 18, 256 or anything else
3. The icons will be stacked row-wise automatically
4. A special glow effect ;)
5. Icons don't jump up-n-down
To make...
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user TWENTY4pack
TWENTY4pack 1 decade ago

I added the code in, and when I click on the icons, the URL it loads is .../undefined

Any help with this?!

user sanjum
sanjum 1 decade ago

Hi is there any way of displaying the 'tooltip' text below icons on loading instead of onMouseover event.

user shijo
shijo 1 decade ago

woow good work !!
all parts working fine ( very easy to editing :) )
thank you GANESH

user othelo
othelo 1 decade ago

The links are working but the floating icons no longer float.
can anyone help me???

user sanjum
sanjum 1 decade ago

Hi, is there any way of displaying the text permanently below the icons rather than only showing up on mouseover? I tried to changes in the actionscript but does not work for me.

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