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XML Simple Drop-Down Menu

This is a very basic but nice xml menu. It has two leves, and it's highly customizable via xml.

You can change from the *.xml :
- the color of the menu
- the color on roll over
- the color of the text
- the width of the menu
- the height of the menu
- the font size

To change the font, just change the embedded font from the main *.fla file. To add new items, just add a new "item" node...
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user 20289235
20289235 1 decade ago

Hi..please help to change the black background.

user dzenouzf
dzenouzf 1 decade ago

please help how to make three levels please expamle

user m.elbadawy
m.elbadawy 1 decade ago

hello rubenbristian,

I'm creating a flash template to sell in

can I use the code of the menu in my template?

really I'm loving it and in need of it.

Thank you

user arvindsingh
arvindsingh 1 decade ago

it's good .......

user reddigitall
reddigitall 1 decade ago

Menu background's black color has been take in care you can write me an e-mail and I can send you back the AS correction. Thank you very much

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