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I came back! I wait that they like this animation!
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user pedropolar
pedropolar 1 decade ago

hi the gallery works really good, thanks a lot, but im trying to get the hole file inside a movie clip, and i did it, but the title symbol its not showing the home button neither the name of the section .

as you know the action that calls the name of the section and the home button is:

on (release) {
_root.section = 2;

but whe i get inside everiting into a movieclip it doesnt work amymore.

i hope anyone can help me with this

thanks a lot

user gute
gute 1 decade ago

nope, does not work

user vijay.vijay
vijay.vijay 1 decade ago

Thanks buddy great Job, well done.

user GOA
GOA 1 decade ago

i cant get this to work! unexpected file format!? i use cs4, what could be wrong?

user bensita
bensita 1 decade ago

Hi, this is awesome. Can somebody comment the AS in english please, Im trying to get it but I really need help... thanks.

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