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Countdown Timer with Alarm

Countdown Timer with Clock and Alarm
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countdown timer alarm clock

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user asoeso
asoeso 1 decade ago

thank a lot...but you should set the time 1 month before...

user bullcock
bullcock 1 decade ago

Thanks a lot, so nice script

user froid
froid 1 decade ago


user Ayhan1317
Ayhan1317 1 decade ago

hello good job man

user raylea100
the listing author raylea100 1 decade ago

Hi, The Alarm is "Military Alarm.mp3" which runs for about 30 seconds I think, to set the timer I think I sent a readme but if not goto the first frame actionscript and instructions are there you just change line 22 I.E. - var targetDate:Date = new Date(2009,8,6,23,55);

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