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Drawing Board

This is a drawing board where you can draw and erase as well.
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draw board flash paint

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user ajitsree
ajitsree 10 years ago

nice one. can we save the work also.

user girishmohapatra
the listing author girishmohapatra 1 decade ago

thanks talla_reddy. thanks a lot for pointing out the mistake. yes that problem is there i ll solve it.

user talla_reddy05
talla_reddy05 1 decade ago

i found a small mistake in your drawing board. when starts drawing if i press ctrl key without stoping the drawing the eraser mode also continuing the drawing.

user raghav_pmars
raghav_pmars 1 decade ago


user riskyakbar
riskyakbar 1 decade ago

very nice, I like it!


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