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user sanju388
sanju388 (3)

Drawing using Pencil

These are builtin components in flash.
I'm just showing its use here.
please give comments for this

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Download (715.15 KB)


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user sanju388
the listing author sanju388 15 years ago

thanks crissy

user crissy
crissy 15 years ago

Great, the best drawing tool yet

user anandhanr
anandhanr 15 years ago


user DavidFox
DavidFox 15 years ago

The options for colors and size are super easy to use and the results are Impressive! It's perfect!
Thank you Sanju388.

user SpartGraph
SpartGraph 15 years ago

Sorry sanju, it was an error and the cursor didn't hide in first time :s :s,, good work brother !

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