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user sanket9784
sanket9784 (5)

Drawing With Pencil

Pencil Drawing with AS
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flash web pencil draw drawing

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user cslamsg
cslamsg 15 years ago

Interesting... as i doodle, the pencil goes under the doodlings

user tonydinesh
tonydinesh 15 years ago

Great Work dude!!!!

user taheer11
taheer11 15 years ago

wooooow, gr8 work man :)

user 15 years ago

yes offcourse the pencil is behind the line or drawing from the pencil, Although the work is done nicley! we can make its new version by giving user color picker plus an option to save the file in a jpg format. one more thing what if user draws something and saveit (we can put a button to save the file) when user close the url and come again to this url and open this swf it could load his previously saved file. i hope my point is cleared to all. any comments mail me on [email protected]

user henriquecruz
henriquecruz 15 years ago

wow! this is impressive! can you save the drawing in a database and use it later?

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