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user JamesBend
JamesBend (2)

Flash double click utility

DoubleClick is a simple and easy to use class that adds double click functionality to any MovieClip on stage, in the library, or a dynamically created MovieClip.

With just a few lines of code you will be able to capture both single and double click events, just like you would with a simple onRelease event.

Whats included:
Root Timeline code example example1.fla...
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user walli123
walli123 1 decade ago

ok sri my fault, the problem does only exist in opera > 9 on windows. firefox, internetexplorer, safari, chrome works

user 10103
10103 1 decade ago

Works fine for me - good work. Nice presentation too. :-)

user walli123
walli123 1 decade ago

something wents wrong with this, if you do a dobbleclick you get an singleclick after that, i think you don't delete the interval or something like that