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iteam art - flash clipart and more V.0.3

Some of the iteam famous cute characters, created some years go, now all converted in 100% pure flash clipart. You could use for buttons, icons, animations, whatever... Besides that, you will also find some simple actionscript for susi animation using keyboard cursor keys that you can study... And sounds that you can also use, so... Have fun!

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iteam buttons clipart curves flash items icons animation ubuntu linux game walk run audio sounds

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user jorgerosa
the listing author jorgerosa 10 years ago

Thanks for the nice comments! Glad that you like! Use it in your free or commercial projects and... have fun! :)

user biletji
biletji 1 decade ago

it's good! best work.

user angkritc
angkritc 1 decade ago

that's work

user neo.leballo
neo.leballo 1 decade ago

cute would look nice on a kiddie site

user easyshooter
easyshooter 1 decade ago


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