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user jerez_z
jerez_z (28)

Maze Solving

Artificial inteligence.
Definatley not the most efficient maze solver ever, but its all me and two weeks worth of boredom at work. Just click on a path and watch the dot get there.

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user doco5622
doco5622 16 years ago

just like a micromouse ^^

user air
air 16 years ago

I would change the color of the solving part.
At first i could not figure out what was happening so that would help a lot.
Great otherwise

user piyush
piyush 16 years ago

cool how do u do it ??

user EagleVision
EagleVision 16 years ago

Yeah! I agree!:D

user fleshmaker
fleshmaker 16 years ago

"not the most efficient maze solver ever" but it's very very good btw! :)