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Move object along a path drawn by user

Initially, there are two dots A and B displayed on the screen. User are required to draw a line between this two dots which will be the path for an object to move along with.
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move object along a path draw line

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user xavier83
the listing author xavier83 10 years ago

thanks for mentioning that. i wasn't thinking of that as I was thinking to share the mechanic for doing this only. in my final work, it was for a banner and there was a replay button for restart everything.

this has been done a while ago, not sure if I could find my file still. if I can find, then i'll update it here.

anyway, feel free to add in the reset button if you know how to do so. :)

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rishabh18 10 years ago


user b2rana
b2rana 10 years ago

good work

user sr.alex
sr.alex 1 decade ago

Nice work ;)

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adrianTNT (admin) 1 decade ago