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Pageflip v22

This is a digital magazine! you can flip the pages! just like a real magazine! flash 8 to edit you can add any page you want! you can make a hard or soft cover!
I didn't made this! just sharing!
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user tedino
tedino 9 years ago

This is also exist on Sithinks samplepage: er/samples/interactivity/pageflip.htm
And creator is Macc from Ipari Grafika, Hungary.

user robertapauletich
robertapauletich 9 years ago

I need help with the scale component. Please, if you can help, email me:
Thank you.

user adilee
adilee 1 decade ago

Hi guys i need some HELP. I downloaded the Flash page flip V2 from the net. On my page 13 i have a link that goes to page 6 (_root.gotoPage(6,true)), But i want it to go to frame 20 and not start by frame 1. Please help with this if anyone can.

user leosoares
leosoares 1 decade ago

Tks dude!

user gledison
gledison 1 decade ago

Very Good! Congratulations!

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