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Close a PopUpManager window with it's close button.
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user aveef
aveef 9 years ago

Nice work bro !

user sleepdragon
sleepdragon 1 decade ago


user an00bis
the listing author an00bis 1 decade ago

>> goevaertsben
like a custom skin? there is some info here -> 9/30/skinning-the-flash-components

you can add the _x and _y position to the init object like this:

var window1:MovieClip = mx.managers.PopUpManager.createPopUp(thi s, mx.containers.Window, true, {closeButton:true, _x: 300, _y: 200});

user goevaertsben
goevaertsben 1 decade ago

hi, is it possible to set up the gui (grafics) of the pop up ? Great work by the way

user Marto
Marto 1 decade ago

lovely piece of work, but is there a piece of code that can control where the pop up appears?