user lucasmotta
lucasmotta (19)

ToolTip with Motion

Different ToolTip<br /><br />need the Laco Movieclip Tween:<br /><br /><br />download here:<br /> ipTween120.mxp
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user madhavan
madhavan 9 years ago

Nice work...
please add below mentioned action script file into your attachment.

user deaconpt
deaconpt 10 years ago

If i change the fon't it doesn't work.

user solecoza
solecoza 1 decade ago

Hi, I want to use a long description in the tooltip, and can`t figure out how to insert a /n in the code...
Anyone can help?? Thanks.

user mandar_cv
mandar_cv 1 decade ago

i download the file but it as file is missing. I really like the way it is done. Pleas let me know how could i get the as file

user quesadilla
quesadilla 1 decade ago

no sirve tu chingadera

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