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user weedy
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Webcam with static and motion detect.

We Create a camera object set it to a video and monitor its activity to hide it when there is not activity and replace it with a static effect. (freeze for 2 seconds and the camera will disappear and static will show)
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webcam bitmap static effect television bitmapdata

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user luchop00
luchop00 10 years ago


user scalpshifter
scalpshifter 1 decade ago

worked great on my mac (like em or not, just another cpu) : ) and would be very cool to turn off the static at will.... thanks for the sweeeeet concept

user cate
cate 1 decade ago

Strange ? A screen of tv which sizzles? or that does not work ?

user weedy
the listing author weedy 1 decade ago

Hey . glad you like it. its actually more of an experiment that a design thing but yes the noise is part of the design and i dont like mac so i didnt test it on mac should work fine is this instrument is like any open device.

user freezebyte
freezebyte 1 decade ago

doesnt work on mac

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