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Invaders 2015

Simple game of plane.

Version: Flash Lite 2.0
ActionScript version: ActionScript 2.0
Size: 176 x 208 pixels

1548 downloads, 21853 views

Download (145.30 KB)


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user fabiopenter
fabiopenter 1 decade ago

Nossa que massa, vou ver se aprendo como fazer.

user Negmawy
Negmawy 1 decade ago

oh.. I found it !!

I want to tell you one simple note

the note is :
(((( Can you make a submit score button ?? )))) LOOOOL !!
my score is 500

user Negmawy
Negmawy 1 decade ago

what's the shoot key ?? are a great designer ..
but tell me first where is the shoot key ??

user kaushik2k7
kaushik2k7 1 decade ago

so nice,
keep it up.

user Lekin
Lekin 1 decade ago

very good guy!

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