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user Edu-linkzxa
Edu-linkzxa (2)

Mario strikers catch balls game

Catch all balls, I made this in flash lite 1.1
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user graph0191
graph0191 15 years ago


user Edu-linkzxa
the listing author Edu-linkzxa 16 years ago

kshopa I'm working in the beta 2.0 ;
in this version (i'm working)is more fast the falling and now you need catch in four differents positions. Ok?(I send the archive for here coming soon).

user kshopa
kshopa 16 years ago

score 40...

i like it, but i mean tha balls need more frames and easing on ther falling.

good design

user vanguardista
vanguardista 16 years ago


user moraes99
moraes99 16 years ago

Good Game!

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