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RSS reader

RSS reader in AS2, uses shared object to save the address if u want
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rss news reader xml as2 as 2

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user hello2010
hello2010 6 years ago

By Any chance you complete V2 with AS3

user Zorro21
the listing author Zorro21 1 decade ago

I hope soon I can launch v2, with all this stuff, thanks for all the comments, I know this is an old AS2 version of the RSS reader, next one will be AS3 with its respecting libraries for the different RSS, I'll please davei97sit with multilanguage

user davei97sit
davei97sit 1 decade ago

Multi Languages -- Support ??

ANDCERO 1 decade ago

is great

user honndy
honndy 1 decade ago

very nice code sample.

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