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user opel
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XML News Feed

A Flash based News Reader that can read an XML File containting CDATA fromatted content. CDATA allows the contained text to contain HTML tags and can be further styled with AS.With thanks to some users at for their help.
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flash news data reader xml

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user humbertom
humbertom 12 years ago

Can't write in Portuguese. Not acents. Bad

user talha_wm
talha_wm 13 years ago

Thank you for sharing

user langladewe
langladewe 15 years ago

muchas gracias !!!!

user xcarlitosx
xcarlitosx 15 years ago

Very nice aplication!

user Ainndreas
Ainndreas 15 years ago

I mean how to change font size how to name in CSS looking at that file what we got (what You gave)

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