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Aurora Effect AS3

Credits for that belong to RubenBristian, his listing in AS2 can be found at a_effect_2859.html . I made an AS3 version of that.I used just a color transform and a blur filter and a bit of logic.
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P.S. i made this with Flash CS5.5 so if you want an older version of it e-mail at, and i'll send...
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aurora as3 effect color transform blur

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user hector1439
hector1439 7 years ago

Very nice

user robby94
the listing author robby94 1 decade ago

What type of template ?

SIGMAX 1 decade ago

I cant use it with a template....!!!!

user robby94
the listing author robby94 1 decade ago

Yvanoph, if you want the CS5 or the CS3 vs of it, send me a mail at, and I will send it to you, even so this version works better, that's why i put it online

user Yvanoph
Yvanoph 1 decade ago

Hello, finally find where you mistook about linh : fects/aurora_effect_2859.html
will be better ! (Smile) Kind regards, Yvanoph---

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