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Collecting Snow

Finally got this back up, thanks to the people at FFiles for getting the zip files working so I don't have to attach one of the classes as XML.<br /><br />This file uses two (mostly un-reusable) classes, SnowFlake and BitmapText. SnowFlake is used to create/move the snow. BitmapText is simply used to create, well, bitmap text.<br /><br />Enjoy :)
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user picassoo
picassoo 10 years ago

you ar the best

user divya
divya 1 decade ago


LFRYARTGUY 1 decade ago

like the snow following the cursor..

user Ayhan1317
Ayhan1317 1 decade ago

a buatiful great job god god :D

user m_lokeshkumar
m_lokeshkumar 1 decade ago

great job........ can you send me the script for as3.0
bcoz i am perfect in as3.. my email id is " "

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