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user RubenBristian
RubenBristia.. (15)

Glowing Circles

A very simple glowing effect made with one circle, one blend mode, one blur filter, and some actionscript lines.

You can specify the size(area) of the effect, and also you can play with the colors. You can choose random colors, or colors from only one pallete, or the same color, whatever you want. You can change the speed, size, number of circles, etc.. You can use this effect as a full...
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glowing colors rainbow dots colorful

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user pjderossitte
pjderossitte 11 years ago

How can you get this awesome effect to work in Prezi?

user rubendario
rubendario 11 years ago

Excellent job but how can I change the speed (values?) or use with white background?
Thanks in advance

user it-doc
it-doc 13 years ago

what is the rectangle that keeps popping up?

user deepsapper
deepsapper 13 years ago

this is amazing!

user co.commerce
co.commerce 13 years ago

How do I customize the colors, speed, lines etc?

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