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user maxhenrry
maxhenrry (9)

gravity and mouse with actionscript

move the mouse to see that the circles are going to reverse. and the circles are random to go out and create.

mueve el mouse para ver que los circulos se van al sentido contrario. y los circulos son aleatorios al salir y crearse

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actionscript gravity circle mouse

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user jondel1205
jondel1205 10 years ago

Thanks man. This is cool.

user raahulsaxena
raahulsaxena 11 years ago


user jorgerosa
jorgerosa 12 years ago

"Trash" - I think its that kind of comment could and deserve be removed. Specially when in your "bataasan" profile says: Total files submitted: 0
And no... No trash at all! Thanks for share it, maxhenrry!

user bataasan
bataasan 12 years ago


user madhu.4489
madhu.4489 12 years ago

Great Job

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