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user pedrokost
pedrokost (5)

Neon Garden Curves

An awesome particles experiment. Enjoy it.
You can see a slightly modified version with sound see "listing url".

Listing url:
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neon garden green particles effects glowing gravity

Download (10.37 KB)


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user bilhasry
bilhasry 6 years ago

great work

user me.prosenjeet
me.prosenjeet 9 years ago

New here.
Can you tell me how to add a Stop button to the animation or make it run only n number of times then freeze

user jorgerosa
jorgerosa 9 years ago

Thankyou (again). Great work!

user wiyono
wiyono 9 years ago

Oooooo... Thank you so much.. now is all Ok..

Thank you..

user pedrokost
the listing author pedrokost 9 years ago

Voila, I reuploaded the fixed file. Thanks for bringing it up.

The reason there was an error is that the AS tried to open a music file i used as background sound before uploading. However the music is licensed and i am not allowed to upload it. But I forgot to remove the part of code that called for the sound file, hence the error.

So you can re-download the zip file or comment/remove the this code in NeonGardenCurves and press Ctrl+Enter to test the movie:

/*sound=new Sound(new URLRequest("sound.mp3"));;*/

And thanks to everyone for the great replies.


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