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Ploom creates a limited smoke trail across your screen.
Easy to use variables in the action script allow you to control the length and speed of the smoke particles.

TIP: What gives the smoke its 3D Look is the gradient use in the circle. Adding a slightly transparent white ring on the outside of the circle adds depth to the smoke. Open the "bloomer" movie clip from the library and click on...
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user leesung7777
leesung7777 1 decade ago


user m_lokeshkumar
m_lokeshkumar 1 decade ago

great job........ can you send me the script for as3.0
bcoz i am perfect in as3.. my email id is " "

user CB2008
CB2008 1 decade ago

you do nice work. :)

user Marto
Marto 1 decade ago

nice, but should ease out to make it more real