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Smoke with dynamic wind gravity and color

My second submitted as3 file, this is an adaptation of the file found at, to allow for wind from both directions, as well as downward smoke and real-time color manipulation. I need all of these variables to work for my current project, and thought this would help someone else on their road as well.
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smoke color direction dynamic

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user madhu.4489
madhu.4489 8 years ago

Great job

user rccintra
rccintra 9 years ago

Great job!!!

user bullyjosh
the listing author bullyjosh 10 years ago

Glad I could help. Thanks for the props on the smoke - wasn't all me, this is a modified file from How are you planning on using it?

user pvieira
pvieira 10 years ago

Perfect, is working. Thank you! You've made a great job with this smoke.

user bullyjosh
the listing author bullyjosh 10 years ago

@pvieira - sorry, spelled your name wrong last time. Ok, I exported the file as a CS4 flash file, and then replaced the CS5 one that was here. Everything still works, and I changed the background to black so you could verify that you have the right file. Try downloading it now.

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