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3d Curve Wall

Use the flash source codes at your own risk after downloading and is not responsible for any bug or error caused by ActionScripts.

When you use this free flash template, try to remain "designed by" on your website or any kind of having a credit link back to this site would be very helpful.

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user raptack
raptack 1 decade ago

Ho, I'm sorry ! I don't see that flashmo is your website ! Sorry

user raptack
raptack 1 decade ago

Pfff you have take this flah in !

user marcosvca
marcosvca 1 decade ago

So cool \o

user balajadia
balajadia 1 decade ago


Hello, How are you ? I found this 3D Curve Wall and it is so great.
I tried to download, extracted and run the html file. I can see the thumbnails but when I click on it, it is NOT redirecting to the specified URL in the thumbnail_list_3.xml.

Can you help me to resolve this ? What Should I do ?

Best regards,

user activetofocus
activetofocus 1 decade ago

good job!!

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