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user jaredyeo
jaredyeo (3)

AS 3.0 XML Slideshow

Just a plain XML slide show in AS3.
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user Trv
Trv 8 years ago

Any tips on how I can delete the control (pause etc) and how I can slow the frame rate?

user johangafvels
johangafvels 1 decade ago


I really like this work, I just got one question...
How can I change the duration/delay.. how can I expand/reduce the duration between the pictures???

(I already tried to change the "7000" into something else in the file, but nothing changes!)

I mean the 7 seconds, before the next pic is shown.

s urgent actually. So Thx a lot!!
/ Johan, Sweden

user pb1357
pb1357 1 decade ago

Good work on the fading effect.

user ankur
ankur 1 decade ago

fading effect is good..............

user Didier
Didier 1 decade ago

I got the same problem than tekninja. When i call the xml from a html file:
so.addVariable("XML","xml/Slideshow.xml ");

i didn't have images on the screen.
Maybe the as needs a function but i can't resolve it alone.
Thanks for helps and congratulations to the author.

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