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ASBox 2 is an image viewer developed in Flash CS3 / ActionScript 3 environment. This script try to simulate as faithfully as possible Lightbox, the well-known JavaScript application. The purpose is allowing an easier use of the gallery in Web sites entirely Flash-based thanks to an AS solution that doesn't resort to external JavaScript code. See the page... more >
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user yellowmoon
yellowmoon 9 years ago

hi and sorry :) how can i set autostart (forgive me for bad english)

user yellowmoon
yellowmoon 9 years ago


user ProjectRan
ProjectRan 1 decade ago

hi, do you know how to add a url link under the photo in the gallery so it can be opened in a new browser?

user p4olo
p4olo 1 decade ago

Hi, first of all, great job with this gallery. It is possible to use it with a XML photogallery?

user kima
kima 1 decade ago

hello, can you tell me more about terms of use, i am building website for a friend,and i would like to use this gallery and change it a bit, so do i have to put created by marcello surudi on her website?

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