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Auto Expand gallery

This is a simple gallery, where u can insert different size of images and it automatically expand according to the image you taken.
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photogallery autoresize expandable resize

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user rubendario
rubendario 8 years ago

I love this flash, but i think it would be better if the cursor change to hand or custom cursor in the mouse over event just an idea, but it's so cool

user luinz
luinz 8 years ago

whoaaaa... i think its awesomeee..... @____@

user fed0t
fed0t 9 years ago

someone can link me a tutorial how i put this gallery in my main swf of the website? thank you!

user renkawan
renkawan 9 years ago

when i embed this swf to my main swf, images can't be click (can't be show tint/black background then load image as normally)

user Chillsard
Chillsard 1 decade ago

Hi there,
I love your work :))) If i want to use this in a site what i have to do? when i load the swf in my main file it doesnt work... can you help me please? Thanks (please answer to my email

same like this :(

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