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Carousel Gallery

Carousel Gallery created entirely in Actionscript 1.0.
Will resize any number of photos to create thumbnails and place them in the carousel, keeping the size of the carousel constant for any number of photos.
Hmm, for some odd reason it doesn't upload properly on photobucket nor this site.
Well, the .fla should still work regardless, just insert your own target path for the XML file. XML file...
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user ede_gent
ede_gent 9 years ago

Very useful for showing documentfiles, it even works with .swf files. Thanks!

user Stefsterhb
Stefsterhb 10 years ago

Ok something was wrong with my browser. Nice this thing is rad.

user Stefsterhb
Stefsterhb 10 years ago

Am I missing something? This doesn't seem to working in Demo mode and yet everyone is raving about it?

user 261987
261987 1 decade ago

Very nice Photogallery... Can i use this in my website...

user pb1357
pb1357 1 decade ago

Fantastic. This is the best photo gallery that I have ever seen.
How much would you charge to use the template on the world wide web?

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