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Dynamic 3D Air Gallery V1.00

This Gallery is made with Papervision3D and Flash CS3. If you like this File please donate 1 on the paypal account, also if you want to use this file for commerical projects.
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user Mythri
Mythri 10 years ago

when i click on images (thumbnails) it is supposed to go to url (which you have mentioned in the xml file) right? but it just displays bigger image, how to achieve that. plz help me. i really need ti and it will be a great help

user juicebox
juicebox 1 decade ago

to get it to work open the fla, in the library double click on GalleryData01, open it's actions panel and just comment out

//import org.papervision3d.view.BasicView;
//import org.papervision3d.objects.primitives.Pla ne;

and it should work just fine
sweet deal
great work FlashDevelopment keep it up
woop woop

user ashish24april
ashish24april 1 decade ago

not working

user tonink28
tonink28 1 decade ago

muito massa

user FlashDevelopment
the listing author FlashDevelopment 1 decade ago


there is a new version out on of this Gallery ;)

Greetings Flash Development

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